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Explore the DAFT: A Golden Opportunity for US Entrepreneurs
Dutch American Friendship Treaty – IND Netherlands

For ambitious entrepreneurs from the United States, the DAFT (Dutch American Friendship treaty scheme) is a huge opportunity which enables them to establish their business in the Netherlands with a valid residence permit. 

 The DAFT application is much easier going in comparison with the regular self-employment application. With the DAFT application, the entrepreneur doesn’t have to undergo an examination of the point system of Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland (RVO). This easy-going procedure stems from the Dutch American Friendship Treaty. 

The DAFT procedure is recommended for every American entrepreneur.

In order to be eligible for a DAFT residence permit, the entrepreneur needs to meet the following criteria: 

  • The entrepreneur must have the American nationality;
  • The entrepreneur has to invest a certain investment amount in the company that he/ she is going to establish in the Netherlands. The following investment amounts apply;
    – If the entrepreneur is going to establish an ”Eenmanszaak”/ one man business, an amount investment amount of €4500 applies; 
    – If the entrepreneur is going to establish a ”Vennootschap onder firma/ general partnership, a minimum investment of 25% of the paid- in capital applies, with a minimum of €4500; 
    -If the entrepreneur is going to establish a ”Besloten vennootschap”/ a private limited company, a minimum investment of 25% of the paid- in capital applies, with a minimum of €4500; 
    – If the entrepreneur is going to establish a ”Naamloze vennootschap”/ a public limited company, a minimum investment of 25% of the paid- in capital applies. The paid- in capital for a public limited company is at least €45.000, which means that the minimum investing amount has to be €11.250. 

Given our experience at the IND, INLS would be happy to manage the DAFT application for you.

Please refer to the FAQ list below for more information about the Dutch American Friendship Treaty.

Frequently asked questions

Most frequent questions about Dutch American Friendship Treaty visa application

The IND has a legal term of 3 months. However from our experience and practice, the DAFT application procedure usually takes 1-2 months.  

The IND fees for the DAFT application are €350

the DAFT residence permit has a validity of 2 years. 

Yes, it is possible. INLS manages the application for the spouse or partner of the DAFT entrepreneur as well. Please visit our partner of a Dutch residence permit holder page and family of a Dutch residence permit holder page.  

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