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The long-term resident EU residence permit is a residence permit which is meant for non-EU citizens who have had a residence permit for 5 unbroken years. With a residence permit long-term resident EU, the foreign national can live for an indefinite period in the Netherlands.  

There are, however a few conditions which the applicant for a residence permit long-term resident EU has to fulfil; 

  • You don’t have the nationality of an EU member state or Switzerland;
  • You have to have a permanent residence permit or a temporary residence permit with a non-temporary purpose/goal. This means that the residence permit has to be extendable after a certain period;
  • You have lived or still live in the Netherlands for at least 5 unbroken years with a valid residence permit;
  • You are still fulfilling and you have always fulfilled the conditions of your current residence permit;
  • You have independent, sustainable and sufficient income. You can include the income of your family member which whom you are living with as well;
  • You have finished your civil integration process in the Netherlands.

Given our experience at the IND, INLS would be happy to manage your application procedure long-term resident EU.

Please refer to the FAQ list below for more information about the long-term resident EU procedure.

Frequently asked questions

Most frequent questions about Long-term resident EU visa application

The residence permit long-term resident EU is valid for an indefinite period. The document itself is valid for 5 years, which means that you’ll have to renew your document every 5 years. 

The years that you have had a residence permit for the purpose of study do count for 50%. 

The IND fees for the long-term resident EU application procedure are €210,- If you have the Turkish nationality, the IND fees are – based on the Turkish Association Treaty – €70,- 

A child under 18 years old pays €70,- for the long-term resident EU application. A child under 18 years old who has the Turkish nationality pays €38,- for the long-term EU resident application.

The IND has a legal term of 6 months to issue a decision on the long-term resident EU application procedure.  

 With a residence permit long-term resident EU, you are free to enter the labour market in the Netherlands. In other words, you can work in the Netherlands without a TWV. 

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